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Patrick Walsh, REO Manager, CDPE

In the 26 years Patrick Walsh has been in the Real Estate Business he has sold many different types of homes. Because of the increase in Foreclosures, almost every Buyer asks, “How do you Buy a Foreclosure?”  They want to know if there is a foreclosed home out there for them.

” I have always felt that ‘Knowledge is Power'”.  So these days, whether a Buyer ends up buying a foreclosure or not, every Buyer should understand the process, and know how foreclosures are effecting the market they are buying in.

So he started by researching the process thoroughly, and wrote a paper on the subject.  It was titled “How to Buy a Foreclosure in NJ”.  He started sending it to everyone he could get to read it.  Especially, of course, Buyers who were looking at homes.

Then Patrick thought about how over 90% of Buyers today use the internet to find their new home.  He decided to research websites to see what information on Foreclosures is available to Buyers on the internet.  All he could find was a bunch of salespeople spreading misinformation, or bits and pieces of the process which just caused confusion for Buyers.  Most Real Estate Agents would shy away from the subject, because they did not understand the process themselves.

So he decided to put a website together with the Buyer in mind.  Even if what he is saying may not be what a Buyer wants to hear.  He knew that a more knowledgeable Buyer, is a more confident Buyer, and that was good for everyone.

So please, enjoy the website, and let us know your thoughts along the way.  We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to visit with us today.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Sandip says:

    Patrick, thank you for this education, I haven’t seen anything so well put together anywhere. Quick Q, I noticed that you are missing a link for foreclosed homes in Bergen county. Any reason?

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    • Thank you for the suggestion and it was in the works to get Bergen County listed and as you can see we have done it! 🙂
      Please let us know what you think of it!
      Patrick Walsh
      REO Manager, CDPE


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